The Juxtapod is a lifelong dream of Swedish master glassblower and artist Ludvig Löfgren. The art and craft of Swedish glassmaking is beautifully and creatively united with the American car culture of 50’s and 60’s to make this one-of-a kind masterpiece.

And who better than Ludvig to realize this project. As both a record young Master Glass Blower and an accomplished artist Ludvig has all the talent needed to go beyond the expected to create this unseen beauty.

Formerly of Kosta Boda and Malerås glassworks Ludvig now works independently in the “Glass Kingdom” in Småland of southern Sweden.


The Juxtapod is built by master fabricator Mattias Andersson of Lebeef Kustom Metalworks in Vargön, Sweden. Mattias is a through and through perfectionist with a deep understanding of both the craft as well as the aesthetics of custom vehicles.

Mattias collaboration with Ludvig is a deciding factor in the totally unique outcome named The Juxtapod.


A true maestro, Blaster travels the world spreading his talent and art to custom aficionados. His work with The Juxtapod was a collaboration with Ludvig, but in the end Ettore added some surprise details that made a huge impact on the final appearance. And we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him, as he surely will go down in history along the greatest! No wonder Christian von Koenigsegg resorted to Blaster talent! See more below.